Self-taught drummer , composer, writer, singer and producer.

Played with the first original Indian pop band the Les Boys
and later Rock machine (Indus Creed) as drummer / vocalist
with performances at all the major music venues in the country.

In between numerous concerts and a graduation
in commerce, also won an acting award from
Mumbai University but rejected theatre offers for music.

In his pursuit of higher musical challenges ahead of the pop
and rock genres, in 1994Maroo joined forces with India's premier
Indo-Jazz usion band Divya and performed at major International
Jazz festivals alongside Jazz greats such as Giovanni Hidalgo,
Dave Valentin, Eric Marienthal, Ernie Watts and others at venues
such as the 25th Tokyo jazz festival,the premier Malaysian
Jazz festival, The Jazz club Hong Kong etc.

With the advent of the MIDI age, he composed ,wrote,
performed and released Fountain of Love a completely
solo effort in English, which received major critical
acclaim and was the first ever album by any Indian
to be featured on Web radio as far back as 1995.

Later co-produced child prodigy Jeto with Jazz
guru Dinshah Sanjana and producer Ram Sampath.
Maroo was also handed the baton to produce
and launch the next generation of hindi-film playback singers
who were selected in the StarTrack contest held by
Amitabh Bachchan's ABCL.

In 1998 , the Times Music label was launched with Tu Hi Tu,
Maroo's extremely successful and popular Indi-Pop debut.
The title track received superb chart success and this was followed
up by live concerts and performances all over the country.
Maroo was also a specially invited guest requested to open
the first ever Indi-pop chapter of the Independence Rock
festival at Mumbai having had performed at the first one.


Be original.

Experiment and re-invent.

Contribute to the art form don't compromise.

Don't let commercial considerations rule your creativity and
respect your audience because the listener is not a fool.

Don't close your ears to any kind of music, because once
you've done that you've also closed your mind.

Inspiration is actually a result of effort.


Be what you are and do what you believe in. The greatest risk
is not taking a risk.

Don't let any one stop you in achieving your goal and don't let
anyone shake your confidence inspite of all odds…..keep fighting.

Be true to your task and do your best, leave the results to God,
he watches everyone and everything. Every man gets what he
deserves not what he desires.

I believe that only four things are pre-destined in a human's life:
Birth , death, marriage and childbirth. Everything else is changeable
and each person's karma will determine the journey.

Of the people you meet in your life, some will be friends and
some may be not, but experience will show that it never
pays to be too friendly or to have sworn enemies.
One never knows when the friend may turn against you
and when you may need your enemies help.

God gave us parents as his representatives on earth.
Worship them and always seek their blessings.

Be proud to be Indian.


Sanjay Maroo's latest offering will be available shortly.

With a strategic tie up with, for the first time in India,
new music will be available for legal digital downloads.

Keep a look out for Maroo's latest video "Mujhse banta Nahin Remix"
from the album to be titled "Chaley Jaaon ".

The album consists of 11 tracks including a acapella track on the
mahamantra and loads of other stuff.

This one's going to be biiiiigggg !!!!

Get your hard disks and Ipods ready.